Texas State Blocker Leads Way For Football Program

SAN MARCOS, Texas — Don’t let Haleigh Blocker’s smile fool you. The Texas State Director of Football Operations is a force in the trenches.

“I’m very proud of it and I think looking back, when I was in a position to dream about this job, it means even more,” Blocker said.

One of the youngest to hold the position when she was just 22, the Falls City, Texas native has turned numerous helmets in her three years at the helm.

Blocker’s position includes day-to-day operations such as team travel, nutrition, media availability and community involvement. (Spectrum News 1/Dylan Scott)

“He never slows down,” Blocker said. From team trips to powering a full roster and daily media availabilities, Blocker appreciates how important day-to-day operations are to this Bobcats program.

“When they can go out and just play, without worrying about travel or hotels, that’s what’s really rewarding for me,” Blocker said. Growing up just south of San Antonio, the football diehard says she spent every potential moment on the field and always expected her path to lead here.

“At a young age, these characteristics were just instilled in me,” Blocker said. “Passion, teamwork, level of competition – I’ve never experienced anything different.” His dedication and ability to be a vigorous leader in a male-dominated game quickly won over this Texas State team.

Texas State head football coach Jake Spavital hired Blocker three years ago out of college to lead the department. (Spectrum News 1/Dylan Scott)

Coach Jake Spavital raves about the contributions of one of his most dynamic talents. “The role she plays has been very male-dominated over the years,” Spavital said. “I’ve been around a lot of them and she’s the best.”

Blocker turned down offers from Power 5 and also flirted with an NFL future. However, right now, she’s just happy to be in San Marcos, leaving a legacy for those who follow.

“Work hard where you are, doors will open when they’re supposed to,” Blocker said. “It’s definitely something you can do if you have the passion and the work ethic.”

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