How big is Texas? The map compares to other countries, states

Have you ever wondered what Texas would look like if you put it above another state or country? There is MAPfrappe for that.

The online tool designed by Kelvin Thompson allows users to draw contours on a Google map and drag the contour onto anything on Earth.

Use the tool to create a rough The outline of Texas gives strange results: for example, there is no way to fully integrate a state of such anomalous shape as California into the wild and flowing borders of Lone Star State.

But, you can glue much of the particular Florida shape inside the state outline if you are kind enough to let in bits of Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama for some reason. .

Much of North Korea and South Korea is inside Texas, but the state is eclipsed when you place it inside China.

Speaking of dwarves, New Zealand’s northern and southern islands – home to Middle-earth, the imaginary realm portrayed in the films “Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings” – register individually with the inside the borders of Texas, but there is no room for the whole nation within.

Of course, a number of factors including mapping techniques, elevation, different latitudes and areas, distort the shape of Texas as it moves around the globe. Distances and areas are magnified at higher latitudes, according to MAPfrappe, so Texas cannot be directly compared to other parts of the globe.

Scroll down to see what Texas is like in the world.

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