Politics require Texas state troopers to trim their waistlines

AUSTIN, Texas — A career in law enforcement is quite demanding considering their sworn duty to protect the community. The physical aspects of the job are a lot of what you can expect when you’re in the field. Now, more than 200 Texas state troopers will have to be more mindful of their figure with the latest physical demands imposed.

What do you want to know

  • The Texas Department of Public Safety enforced a new waistline policy for officers to maintain ‘command presence’
  • Men with a waist size over 45 inches and women with a waist size over 35 inches need to shrink their waist size
  • 200 Texas state troopers failed waist circumference guidelines and now must meet weight watch
  • If weight requirements are not met by December, officers could be denied promotions, overtime or removed from enforcement duties

The Texas Department of Public Safety has now begun requiring officers to self-monitor. It’s a controversial policy in which, according to a report obtained by the Dallas Morning Newsmen with a waistline over 45 inches and women with a waistline over 35 inches should monitor their weight loss efforts with DPS.

With a department of 4,000 officers, the DPS said it wanted them to maintain their “command presence”. Unfortunately, 200 have already failed, although all but two have passed the physical tests, and they must now meet the weight loss goals.

The waistline policy began in 2019, soon hit by a lawsuit from the Texas Department of Public Safety Officers Association claiming the rule was “demeaning.” The 2020 pandemic caused delays, and the DPS executed the policy during a review of its officers in September.

The deadline to achieve these goals is December. According to the Dallas Morning News, if agents can’t meet this requirement, regardless of passing the required physical tests, it could affect their promotion path, the possibility of overtime or worse – the DPS could ask them to resign. of their executive functions.

Some officers have taken a head start on their fitness vows, pledging to cut back on diet sodas, prepare healthier meals and arrive at work earlier for exercise.

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