What Texas State Fair Foods to Avoid and Enjoy, From a Doctor

The Texas State Fair offers many unique dishes to experience. But when it comes to your health, doctors recommend everything in moderation.

AUSTIN, Texas – With the Texas State Fair comes over 100 years of history, including community, music and above all, food!

With a variety of different types of food to try at the fair, attendees can see it as an opportunity to indulge. But for those with underlying health conditions, it’s important to know what overeating can lead to.

Dr Vivek Goswami is a cardiologist at the Heart Hospital of Austin and Austin Heart. He said having a moderately indulgent weekend should be OK.

“Some of our patients who suffer from chronic heart conditions, including chronic heart failure, even a high salt meal can sometimes make their heart failure worse,” Goswami said. “Thus, patients with chronic conditions should be extra careful.”

However, with the long list of fried foods — like fried spring rolls, chocolate-covered cheesecake on a stick, and more — it can be hard to find healthier options at the fair.

“I’ve seen turkey dogs, which might be a healthier substitute for conventional hot dogs…there’s barbecue turkey. I’ve definitely seen a chicken on a stick, preferably non-fried chicken. .. it had a salad on it, it had beef, which of course gives you saturated fat,” Goswami said. “But really, let’s face it, a lot of these food vendors at the fair of the State of Texas are truly there to make food good. [and] there was no nutritional information available on the website.”

Since fair food is high in calories, Goswami said he would encourage people to have fun, but certainly eat and drink in moderation.

“Most people who attend the fair will spend a day or two eating unhealthily and not exercising. I think what we do Monday to Friday week to week is much more important “, said Goswami.

Drinking large doses of alcohol can also exacerbate certain chronic heart conditions. According to Goswami, there are various arrhythmias, including atrial fibrillation, which could develop with high doses of alcohol.

“We encourage everyone to have fun, have fun, enjoy great food, and then when you get back to Austin, get back to your exercise routine and eat healthy,” Goswami said.

It is recommended that you take your medication with you and try to follow your normal routine as much as possible, in addition to staying hydrated while being outside for a long period of time.

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