Texas State student’s hometown friend dies at Astroworld festival

HOUSTON (KXAN) — Hours after the Astroworld festival concert, a Texas State student who traveled to the festival discovered that her hometown friend was one of eight deceased victims.

Jonali Reyes said she was friends with 20-year-old Rudy Peña. They’re both from Laredo. She told KXAN that she will see him once in a while during her visit, and can’t believe he’s really gone.

“My heart dropped,” Reyes said.

New video has surfaced of bodies being carried through the mosh pit, showing a crowd that has grown too rowdy to control.

“I had to get out of the crowd because it was crazy… pushing and tripping over each other,” Reyes said.

Reyes replays those moments in her head as she comes to terms with Rudy’s death.

“Every time we saw each other…we kept each other updated,” Reyes said. “And it was really, really sad because he was such a generous soul.”

Reyes knows she was lucky to make it out alive.

“God protect me at all times because I know for a moment that I was in one of the mosh pits…people could have stepped on me,” she said.

Eight victims left behind their loved ones, and it continues to weigh heavily on the parents. This especially affects Reyes’ mother, who can’t help but imagine the thought of losing her daughter.

“We are just blessed to be able to see our daughter and hear her,” said Mary Reyes. “It’s just very tragic. It didn’t have to happen… if only they had taken care of what they were supposed to do.

As Houston police continue their investigation, there’s no guarantee that what’s uncovered will ease the pain.

“He certainly didn’t deserve [this], go to a concert that you’re supposed to enjoy,” Reyes said. “And like not coming out alive.”

Rudy would have been an aspiring Border Patrol agent. His family started a GoFundMe to help with funeral expenses.

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