Texas state changes housing for some students weeks before move-in day

SAN MARCOS, Texas (KXAN) — With less than a month to move in, hundreds of Texas State University students, like Stacy Bricker’s daughter, have received an email notifying them of the housing changes.

“To accommodate all of our new Bobcats, we are adjusting several rooms in Blanco Hall and other residence halls from double occupancy to triple occupancy,” Bricker read in the email.

Bricker’s daughter, Riley, wanted a two-bedroom suite, but instead her dorm will now be able to accommodate three people.

“My daughter’s first reaction when she got this was, ‘Can they do that?'” Bricker said.

But why this sudden change? TXST assistant vice president for communications Sandy Pantlik said it was because of a record surge in registrations.

“We’re up in applications, and we’re up in acceptance of our student offers,” Pantlik said.

Pantlik said only 235 of the more than 6,800 students who live on campus would be affected.

“Staff looked at every room. They looked at the space to comfortably accommodate another student,” Pantlik said.

Students pay less for their new, smaller rooms.

“Where are they going to put another office? Where are they going to put another chest of drawers? Bricker asked.

They also have the option of terminating their contract. But Bricker said this close to move-in day, finding another apartment for her daughter was nearly impossible.

“His only option would be to commute 45 minutes each way,” Bricker said.

The State of Texas said it is building additional student housing on the San Marcos campus, but it won’t be completed until May 2024.

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