Texas community stays cool as summer weather lingers into fall – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

At Welcome Home Denton Snow Cones, no one complains about the heat.

“Everyone loves a snow cone on a hot day,” owner Sarah Bradley said.

Even if he doesn’t feel like it, Bradley is ready to serve fans the fall.

“I have all these fun Halloween toppings and little eyeballs and stuff like that,” Bradley said. “I mean, if you live in Texas, you know it’s pretty much hot until after Halloween anyway.”

However, for some, these temperatures may be more critical.

“You can get heat stroke in 85 degree weather,” said Jane Piper Lunt of the Denton Water Project. “With these temperatures in particular.”

Piper-Lunt and several other volunteers work to provide cold water in the city to the homeless and anyone in need.

“We currently have six coolers across the city,” Piper-Lunt said. “We fill them with water and ice every day.”

They have distributed around 200,000 bottles of water since June last year. They are hoping for donations because supplies are running out. But they are determined to keep giving.

“It’s important because water is life,” said Denton Water Project volunteer Julie Collins.

“People tell us it saves lives because homeless people have such a hard time accessing cold water,” Piper-Lunt said.

For now, they and many others are just hoping for fall weather soon.

“Well, I guess I’m hopeful,” said shopper Patty Windsor of shopping for Autumn Mums. “I’m ready for fall even though it’s not there.”

The Denton Water Project is part of the Denton Basic Service Center organization. To learn more, click here.

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