Texas community goes underground for Doomsday Prep – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

There’s a group of North Texans preparing for impending doom. But they don’t just stockpile weapons and supplies.

They will have underground bunkers, tunnels, and even a DNA vault.

Make no mistake, they plan to live in luxury and style.

Ector, Texas is a small, one-traffic town that most only see from the freeway. But the pace in the century-old city is about to pick up. Just past the post office, work is underway on a unique new neighborhood called Trident Lakes.

It is a $300 million project being built on 700 acres just west of Ector with a focus on safety and sustainability.

Over the next few years, the grass fields will conceal 400 underground bunkers, a system of tunnels, and even a vault to store DNA.

It’s all part of a plan to prepare for any impending disaster.

“You get life insurance for when things get really bad, but while you’re at it, you’re living in a five-star resort waiting for that doomsday day,” Trident Lakes spokesperson Richie Whitt said.

The developers spare no expense.

The plan includes three white sand lagoons, a shooting range, a golf course and a polo field. There will be a massive solid marble fountain at the entrance that rivals that of Las Vegas, according to Whitt.

“It’s going to be one of the biggest bodies of water in the world when it’s done,” he said.

Reaction to the development has been mixed, Whitt said.

People think “probably it’s another doomsday cult that’s storing cans and burying their money, when we’re so far away from it,” he said.

It’s also remote from any major metropolitan area – one of the reasons the developers chose the property.

“It’s not part of what security experts will say is the threat zone,” Whitt said.

The developers say they will have enough food, water and electricity to live off the grid for a year. They expect the first residents to start moving in early 2018.

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