Texan community relieved as Christopher Ramirez returns home

PLANTERSVILLE, Texas – Today is the day the people of Grimes County, the Lone Star State and the country have been waiting for.

Christopher Ramirez is now at home.

“It only rekindles the emotions we felt on Saturday when he was located,” said Grimes County Deputy Chief Todd Greene. “Everyone is thrilled that he’s happy, safe and healthy.”

The three-year-old who survived nearly three days in a wooded area near his home was released from hospital this afternoon.

He received a motorcade just outside of Houston to his home in Grimes County where he was greeted with applause.

Almost a hundred people, from law enforcement to the media to locals, came to show their support for young Chris and his family.

“A lot of people here during these operations. From law enforcement to volunteers, including food donations to help us keep going. It was really great to see the community and the surrounding communities come together to help try to locate Chris.

Christopher is now at home with his family, and the man who found him couldn’t be happier.

“It’s great, and it’s just an indication that if God can do what he did for this little boy, he can do the same for any of us,” Tim said. “There are many who are spiritually lost that he wants to find, just like this little boy was physically lost and he has been found.”

Christopher’s mother told media she appreciated all the support she and her family had received, but it was time for her and her son to rest.

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