Stranded and Emaciated Endangered Sea Turtles Admitted to Texas State Aquarium

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (KXAN) — While many Texans flock to the state’s beaches during the summer months, some sea turtles have also made their way to the Texas coast — and a growing number of them run aground.

The Amos Rehabilitation Dungeon rescued approximately 60 live loggerhead sea turtles, an endangered species found in US coastal waters, since April. When eight more of the large turtles washed up on the shores of Port Aransas, Texas in poor health from July 11-21, the Texas State Aquarium stepped in to help.

“We were running out of space for long-term care, and the Texas State Aquarium generously offered to help,” said Alicia Walker, program coordinator at ARK. “It is a huge help for us, and we are very grateful for the help of their dedicated staff.”

The sea turtles were found emaciated and suffering from other health issues, with marine life experts currently unable to determine why. The aquarium’s veterinary staff performed physical exams, blood and weight samples, and administered antibiotics to prevent any secondary infections. Loggerheads will stay Texas State Aquarium Wildlife Rescue Center until they are well enough to be released into the wild.

Many adult loggerhead sea turtles that nest on US beaches tend to migrate from the Bahamas, Cuba and Mexico. The species has faced declining numbers in the United States, according to the NOAA.

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