Smugglers Continue to Cause Damage in the Rio Grande Valley Community, Texas

EDINBURGH, Texas – Reckless tactics by smugglers endanger migrants’ lives and cause property damage.

Yesterday afternoon, officers from the Rio Grande City Border Patrol Station (RGC) as well as officers from the Roma Police Department approached an apartment suspected of harboring irregular migrants. Upon arrival, law enforcement noticed that the front window was open and saw blankets spread out on the floor. Officers discovered 17 migrants from countries in Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. No guard has been identified.

Shortly thereafter, RGC officers working in La Gloria, Texas attempted to effect a vehicle stop on a white GMC Sierra near the Starr County and Brooks County line. The vehicle stopped abruptly and several subjects exited the vehicle. The vehicle was left in the car and came to a stop when it crashed into a ranch door. Twelve migrants were immediately apprehended. The driver has not been located.

Later that afternoon, officers from the McAllen Border Patrol Station working in Mission, Texas, observed a white Chevrolet Equinox approaching an area near the river and quickly departing at high speed. Officers observed that the sport utility vehicle (SUV) displayed a stop sign as it turned westbound on the military highway. The vehicle recklessly continued down the road as it attempted to flee the area. The SUV eventually came to a stop near the Santa Engracia road and the military highway, where several subjects fled from the vehicle. Officers searched the surrounding area and apprehended 10 irregular migrants. The driver has not been located.

Border Patrol has dealt with all matters accordingly.

The public is encouraged to take a stand against crime in their community and to report any suspicious activity to 800-863-9382.

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