Possible rabies exposure in North Texas community pool

Officials say a bat was seen in the pool that may have rabies due to its behavior.

CELINA, Texas — Collin County health officials are warning residents of possible exposure to rabies at a community swimming pool on Friday.

Collin County Health Services said the possible exposure occurred at the Heritage Celina Homeowner’s Association community pool at 1231 Stanford Lane.

According to the health department, a bat was seen in and around the pool on Friday afternoon.

The department said the bat may have rabies due to its reported behavior. The bat has not yet been located.

The county health department is now asking anyone who may have had physical contact with the bat to call the department’s epidemiology program as soon as possible.

The service number during normal business hours is 972-548-4707. However, if they need to be reached this weekend — Friday, July 1 through Monday, July 4 — residents should call the Collin County Sheriff’s Dispatch at 972-547-5350 and ask for the on-call epidemiologist.

Parents should ask their children if they have had contact with the bat, the department said.

Collin County Health Services said rabies can be transmitted to humans through the saliva of an infected animal. Rabies is preventable if treated before symptoms appear, the department said.

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