Horses find forever homes at Texas State 4-H Horse Show

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) — Activities for the 60th annual Texas State 4-H Horse Show kicked off Sunday. A popular event was the Homes For Horses showcase.

The Texas 4-H Homes For Horses program is designed to connect young men and women with horses requiring special training and attention. In the fall of 2021, the youngsters met their horses for the first time and learned about their horse’s unique circumstances and needs.

The final summit of the program was held Sunday at the Texas State 4-H Showcase. The horses and their young dressed up to a theme to then give the judges and audience a three-minute routine, along with a talk about their journey with their horse and questions from the judges. After the showcase, a live adoption auction was held.

Hope Smith, a Homes For Horses program participant, traveled from South Texas to participate in the showcase and auction. Smith said his family had a passion for horses and always had at least one.

“Ever since I was little, horses have been one of my top priorities,” Smith said. “So being able to take care of my horse ‘Fritter’ has been nothing but rewarding.”

Smith said learning about the various obstacles to overcome with Fritter taught him many valuable life lessons.

“It’s been an amazing opportunity,” Smith said. “He was able to help so many children and horses in particular. Fritter was so malnourished when we got her and she has no front teeth, so it’s a little harder for her to eat. I am very excited for Fritter in his upcoming travels.

Smith and Fritter dressed up as “Jessie and Bullseye” from the movie Toy Story for their showcase performance.

The Texas State 4-H Horse Show is located at the Brazos County Exposition, 5827 Leonard Road, Bryan, TX 77807.

For more information on the Texas State 4-H Horse Show schedule July 24-July 29, click here.

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