Fort Davis Jail to Become New Museum Honoring West Texas Law Enforcement

FORT DAVIS, Texas (KOSA) – Los Cherifés Viejos (The Old Sheriffs), a West Texas museum and law enforcement research center, has begun the incorporation process and has developed plans initials for the use of the renovated old prison in Fort Davis, Texas.

Carl C. Williams, former Brewster County Sheriff, and Ben Medley, son of former Jeff Davis County Sheriff Wilbur B. Medley, lead the Los Cherifés Viejos Project to collect stories, artifacts, memorabilia and financing. Jeff Davis County Judge Curtis Evans and Jeff Davis County Court of Commissioners support the project and location.

“We are very pleased to participate in honoring the men and women of law enforcement in our Tri-County area, and specifically to step back in time to honor those who have served to keep our communities safe. communities throughout our history. What better place to do it than this historic jail building and county asset,” Evans said.

Plans for Los Cherifés Viejos include static and rotating museum exhibits and archival/research space in the Jeff Davis County Jail adjacent to the Jeff Davis County Courthouse. The goal is to provide a research center where students, families, and researchers can learn about law enforcement in the Tricounty area and parts of the Trans-Pecos region.

The estimated opening is mid-2023.

“The people of Alpine inspired me to run for sheriff and the people of West Texas continue to inspire me with their stories and stories. These communities support our law enforcement and their families who support these communities,” Williams said.

Co-creator Ben Medley shared his desire for a project like this.

“I’ve always wanted to create a museum to honor our West Texas law enforcement, and this space in the old jail is a perfect place. There are generations of family stories that connect here,” Medley said.

For those interested in sharing their own stories or family history as sheriffs or deputies in Brewster, Jeff Davis, or Presidio counties, please contact the Los Cherifés Viejos Project on the website at or [email protected].

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