Food vendors prepare for YMBL South Texas State Fair

One of the best things about attending the YMBL South Texas State Fair is of course the food.

For the past twenty years, the owners of Rudy’s Kabob have looked forward to participating in the YMBL South Texas State Fair of Southeast Texas.

“Oh, you know what excites us every year, you know, we do that every year,” Pat Sebastian said.

Pat Sebastian and Christopher Bermuda said they were ready to grill their famous skewers.

“People come from far and wide from different cities to try and witness it and try different foods, you know, you want to get away from it all,” Bermuda said.

While you can expect to see some seasoned food vendors at this year’s fair, be prepared to say hello to new faces and food.

“It’s only our first year of business and we’re able to walk into the fair our first year of business, it just blew our minds, we’re super excited,” said Nathan Walters.

Walters and Josh Rabalais are the owners of The Old West Smoke Company.

In a week, they will be presenting their Tex-Mex derivative dishes at carnivals.

“And everyone seems to like what we do, so we want to spread the love everywhere,” Rabalais said.

The president of YMBL told 12News that the fair will run from March 24 to April 3 with more than 240 outdoor vendors and 120 indoor vendors.

“We’re blessed to be a part of what they’re doing, you know, it’s a good position,” Bermuda said.

“We’re such a small dot and whole aspect of everything, but it’s an honor,” Walters said.

Last year, the YMBL was able to return over $200,000 to the community.

They hope to give even more this year by attracting more people with all the amazing vendors they will have.

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