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The Honors Hammock Haven is set up for students to enjoy between classes, Monday, August 22, 2022, outside Lampasas.

Part of starting a new chapter in life as a Bobcat is learning to navigate the campus by finding places to focus on studies, bonding more closely with friends, or relaxing in a comfortable space between classes. With nearly 500 acres of property to its name, the Texas State Campus in San Marcos offers students hidden gems and hangouts anywhere.

Down the hill from Bobcat Trail, the patio tables outside the Education Building are a relaxing place to study or hook up. Further down, Bobcats like performance and production senior Claudia Fernandez Lopez find peace in the foliage and moat on the corner of campus near the JC Kellam Building before crossing the street toward Sewell Park.

“When I changed majors and started doing extracurriculars there, I kind of noticed how beautiful the water was,” Lopez said. “From a distance it looks dirty, but when you get close you can see it’s alive. Full of lush foliage, with fish and turtles hiding in its tendrils. It’s quite serene. Makes the world smaller and more manageable.”

There are several other places like Lopez’s description for those who love the solace of nature. The campus teems with life, with some areas even being certified as official wildlife habitats.

The front of the agriculture building, the hatchery ponds across from the Edwards Aquifer Research and Data Center lab and Spring Lake, where the Meadows Center runs glass-bottom boat tours, are just some of the options students have on campus.

The Living Library Gardens surrounding the agriculture building are another great place for a natural study backdrop. The gardens are a student-funded project funded by the Environmental Services Committee and have a variety of plants labeled with plaques showing species information.

The outdoor courtyard at the heart of the Taylor-Murphy History building with its artistic ceramic tiles and sunny archways and staircases also provides a serene atmosphere for the Bobcats to sit in.

For students who prefer to stay indoors, the Alkek Library is a popular place where many students find quiet solace on floors designated for quiet study and relaxation or others dedicated to individual study. or in a group. Wyatt Curry, a history junior, prefers to sit back and enjoy the quiet ambiance.

“In the fall, I had three classes that weren’t back-to-back, and I had a 40-50 minute break between each class, so I would go to the fourth floor of the library and sit by the windows,” Curry said. . “It was the first floor I randomly picked in the elevator, and I really liked being near the trees. The fourth floor was quiet in the morning, which is when I was there usually, but it didn’t seem very quiet because some of them on other floors.”

Although Alkek is one of the most popular places, there are a variety of quiet resting places and several quiet study lounges hidden inside the campus buildings. The Hammock Haven Honors between Lampasas and the Academic Services building is the perfect place to rest and take a nap between classes.

For Insha Iqbal, a senior theater manager, her favorite place to hang out is the Music Building for its relaxing couch and frequent food sales, offering everything a student with long hours on campus might need.

“As soon as you walk in it opens up to a central hall, it’s just full of sofas, a few tables and a great place for people to meet up between classes. Often there are musical fraternities that create and sell food. A lot of people fall asleep in those sofas,” Iqbal said. “Sometimes classes and musical fraternities do improv performances, and you can just enjoy the sound of beautiful music echoing through the hall.”

When looking for places to hang out, George’s is the perfect place to settle down and chat with friends after class. Located in the basement of the LBJ Student Center across from Starbucks, George’s is named after one of the state of Texas’ most notable alumni, country artist George Strait. The lounge is a hub for student interaction, games, music, movies, and student engagement events.

For Bobcats who prefer to socialize outdoors, sunbathe and swim in Sewell Park is their best option. The San Marcos River stays cool and comfortable at 72 degrees year-round, and the park is a great place to listen to jams, play sports, picnic or sunbathe.

There is space on campus for every Bobcat. The state of Texas offers a wide variety of resources and places to meet for students, the trick is to discover them as they progress through their degree plan. It’s just a matter of following their own two feet and exploring all the campus has to offer.

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