East Texas community works together to fight 100-acre grass fire

HENDERSON COUNTY, Texas (KLTV) – A community in East Texas has come together to put out a grass fire that has scorched nearly 100 acres.

The fire started Wednesday evening in the area of ​​Farm to Market Road 2709 in Henderson County. Much of the fire was in the woodline and had to be fought by hand.

“I’m not kidding, I bet there were at least 75 people there who weren’t related to firefighters or emergency personnel who were helping in some way, whether it was with a shovel or a shirt, beating a fire or something,” says Henderson County Fire Marshal Shane Renberg. “That was really awesome.”

Renberg said residents of Henderson County are always ready to step in to help a neighbor in need with people bringing tractors from miles away to help fight the blaze.

Doug Harless lives in a log cabin set back in the woods. He said he was impressed with how his neighbors worked alongside firefighters to put out the blaze.

“They just picked up pipes and they sprayed water,” Harless said. “You know, they put out fires as best they could. It was really a neighborhood type approach.

When he saw the fire coming through the woods in front of his house, Harless said he feared losing his home.

“The log cabins are burning,” Harless said. “He was encroaching and so the first thing that happened was one of the guys, one of the firefighters, came in and sprayed my house with his truck and so it kind of protected him there. .”

Renberg said 22 agencies responded to the blaze, including about 12 fire departments, the sheriff’s office, the Texas Forest Service, the Henderson County Fire Marshal and EMS.

“This is one of the biggest fires we’ve had in a long time with the number of employees,” Renberg said.

Renberg said 21 of Henderson County’s fire departments are volunteer fire departments. He reminds people to support them with donations, including money, water and sports drinks.

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