East Texas community sends food and resources to people devastated by Kentucky tornadoes

TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Groups of East Texans have come together to send aid to those affected by the devastating impact of tornadoes in Kentucky.

On December 10, a tornado ripped through Kentucky, leaving death and devastation in its path. Towns were razed that night and early in the morning of December 11. Families lost everything in the disaster, now the states surrounding Kentucky are coming to their aid.

The East Texas Food Bank in Tyler sprang into action when it discovered the Feeding America food bank was among many buildings destroyed by the tornado.

With no food or resources to distribute to the residents of Mayfield, Kentucky, the food bank decided to fill an 18-wheeler with 24 pallets of stable food. The 2,000 boxes of food included items like rice, canned food and evaporated milk.

“The East Texas Food Bank is cleaning up their stockpile of I think we had a truckload of disaster boxes. Thus, more than 2,000 family boxes weighing approximately 25 pounds each of stable food are sent as part of Feeding America’s disaster response system. So we are really proud to be able to contribute to this need,” said Dennis Cullinane, CEO of East Texas Food Bank.

The East Texas Food Bank is grateful to have the resources available to send. They say they are open and ready to send manpower if needed as well.

“Our food bank is used as a distribution point for many disaster relief projects, practically on the coast, but you know, as tornadoes roll across the country, we’re here and ready and able to respond,” Cullinane said.

Another East Texas company is also involved in humanitarian aid. Dyer’s Premier Portable Buildings and Trailers loaded up resources donated by the Jacksonville community and departed for Kentucky.

On Wednesday, Dyer shared video of the aftermath in Kentucky after the tornadoes.

“So many people who have come together in our community and this business as a whole who have given so much to go out there and help with the relief,” said Chad Deyer, owner of Dyer’s Premier Portable Buildings and Trailers.

They had a trailer loaded with crates of water, chainsaws and generators ready to distribute to those affected. Employees also go there to help clean up the mess, they will be there for a week to help.

“My heart is with them. I hope the relief we sent made a big difference, a big impact in their lives,” Deyer said.

Deyer said they were grateful for all the supplies donated by Walmart, Atwood’s and Harry’s Building Materials. The East Texas Food Bank and Dyer Premier say it is a blessing to see everyone in the East Texas community coming together to support those in need.

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