Central Texas community mourns the loss of a beloved member who lost the battle against COVID-19

BELTON, Texas (KWTX) – The communities of Morgan’s Point and Belton have lost Josh Bingham, 39, a beloved businessman, friend and firefighter volunteer who died after battling COVID-19.

“I would call it iconic,” said Charlie Gantenbein, a friend of Josh’s.

Fishing lures are now hung from the fence outside Bingham Marine in memory of Josh and to show continued support for the Bingham family who hold such a great place in people’s hearts.

Bingham left a legacy and is well remembered by his wife and two children, friends and clients of Bingham Marine.

“He’s the kind of guy you can always meet no matter what it would be,” said Joey McCoin, “Even if it took him a long time.

He developed his business within the nautical community and coached youth sports teams.

“I’m better because of him because I really catch myself thinking about what Josh would do in this situation,” said Will Eller.

He even spent time volunteering his skills at the Morgan’s Point Fire Department.

“Josh was instrumental in the service,” Victor Hall, captain of marine operations with the Morgan’s Point Fire Department.

“Whenever our boat breaks down, he puts it right in the store and puts it right back in the water because he knew the importance of getting it back on the lake to help people.”

In fact, he installed all of the electronics inside the lifeboat in the marina that allows search and rescue efforts.

“Josh was the kind of guy who just didn’t have the guts to say ‘no’ to you at all and was always looking to help you,” said David Olson.

His friends and family say COVID may have taken him too soon, but he is surviving thanks to the incredible impact he has had on countless people.

“If you knew him, you knew he was a man of character and dignity, loyalty,” Gantenbein said.

“I just don’t want her name forgotten.”

Bingham’s funeral is set for Saturday.

Close friends work to organize a fundraiser for a fishing tournament to help the family and keep their business running. It should be in November.

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