Central Texas community gathers in prayer after controversial public meeting at potential rocket test site

MARLIN, Texas (KWTX) – On Monday, X-Bow Systems Inc., or Crossbow, based in New Mexico, hosted a town hall meeting in Marlin to explore the possibility of locating a rocket test site in a remote area of ​​the Falls County.

The next day, the company announced it would be removing Falls County from its list of potential sites.

“This town hall got a little out of hand and there were a lot of threats,” Cedric Davis, city manager of Marlin, told KWTX.

“I have been threatened with being lynched, not once but twice; I was called a communist; the CEO of X-Bow has been called homophobic innuendo, ”Davis said.

“It was a bit too much for the CEO,” he said.

He and other city officials held a Sunday night prayer meeting in response to the meeting.

“We have to work to unite Marlin and let them know that we as a community have to show that we are more alike than we are alike,” he said.

John Barrett, who moved to Marlin about a year ago, was at the prayer meeting.

“I am terribly, terribly sad that it happened this way,” he said.

He said the meeting could have gone differently if more people with Marlin’s best interests had spoken.

“The question has been asked: What’s in it for Marlin?” What’s in it for Marlin? The answer is the future. How is this city going to survive? he said.

Company owner Mike Wilson says he remains optimistic that Marlin may attract new opportunities.

“Right now it’s small town policy,” Wilson said.

“People have to start talking to each other,” he said.

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