Benton announces his candidacy for the Texas State Senate | News

Titus Benton, current director of nonprofit operations and former pastor, will run as Democrat for District 17 of the State Senate in Katy, Texas.

Benton hopes to focus on economic justice, accessible health care and voting fairness. He shows up because he believes he has the skills and work ethic to serve his neighbors through public service. After many years as a student pastor and more recently as a key part of a nonprofit organization dependent on the generosity of individuals and government grants, Benton has developed the skills to research, listen and organize effectively. throughout his professional and personal life.

Benton is a graduate of Salem High School and a former contributing writer to The Salem News.

State Senate District 17 is home to many different communities ranging from rural to urban, rich to poor, groups that feel heard and groups that feel ignored. Benton’s goal is to listen and act as a true representative of all of his neighbors.

Titus Benton will run against Joan Huffman, who currently chairs the State Senate Special Committee on Redistribution, which is the committee that draws maps of Senate districts. Benton believes that while the race will be a challenge, it is important to run on your own merits and abilities and is eager to serve your neighbors.

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