2021 Texas State Pro-Am Results

Mehdi Larijani wins Classic Physique at Texas State Pro-Am 2021!

The 2021 Texas State Pro-Am took place on Saturday where Mehdi Larijani was able to win the award in the Classic Physics division. This is the event that brought the show to the fore in Austin, TX. Three divisions came together to qualify for the 2022 Olympia in December 2022.

It was a little show that took place weeks after Great Ramy defended his title in Orlando. That’s not to say it lacked quality as the athletes showed up in their best form looking to qualify for the Olympia. There were plenty of famous names on stage on Saturday.

Larijani was active in 2020 but did not score a victory. He was seventh at the Battle of Texas and fourth at the Chicago Pro last year. Larijani won’t have the chance to face some of the best in the world on the biggest stage. In numbers, Jessica reyes padilla won gold and will prepare to compete in his sixth consecutive competition at Olympia.

Padilla recently took to the stage in Orlando and finished sixth in Figure. She succeeded in conquering Larhannah robinson and Cleveland Fall on stage in Austin. To complete the show was Yarishna Ayala Otero and well-being. Sunny Andrews entered the competition as a dark horse to win and finished with the bronze medal. Otero qualified for the Olympia and put her name on the card until 2022.

Three offers have been handed out at the Olympia, which is due to take place in Las Vegas next year. Full results were announced by Texas State Pro-Am and can be found below, along with the official scorecards!

Texas State Pro-Am 2021: All Division Results

  • Classical physics: Mehdi Larijani
  • Figure: Jessica reyes padilla
  • Well-being: Yarishna Ayala Otero

Texas State Pro-Am 2021 Breakdown

Classical physics

  • First place – Mehdi Larijani
  • Second place – Dancovea Anderson
  • Third Place – Justin Badurina
  • Fourth Place – Harold Bright
  • Fifth place – Shavis Higa


  • First Place – Jessica Reyes Padilla
  • Second Place – Larhannah Robinson
  • Third Place – Cleveland Fall
  • Fourth place – Militsa Rivera
  • Fifth Place – Sh’Nere Mattise Deas


  • First place – Yarishna Ayala Otero
  • Second place – Barbara Emanuele César
  • Third Place – Sunny Andrews
  • Fourth place – Kassandra Gillis
  • Fifth place – Tatiany Vaillant

Official scorecards

Generation Iron would like to congratulate all of the great athletes who achieved a victory at the 2021 Texas State Pro-Am. Be sure to check out our full IFBB Pro results page from this and previous years here to catch up on any action you may have. to be missed!

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