10,000 Texas State and National Guard troops deployed to border for “Operation Lone Star”

McALLEN, Texas (Border Report) – Texas Governor Greg Abbott has deployed 10,000 state troops and National Guard units to the Texas border in support of “Operation Lone Star,” said Monday his office at Border Report.

Last week, Abbott posted on social media a video showing dozens of steel shipping containers and Department of Public Safety soldiers lining the banks of the Rio Grande near the border town of Eagle Pass, Texas in part of “Operation Steel Curtain”. The operation is part of Operation Lone Star, which is a massive operation that began in March, a spokeswoman for the governor said.

Operation Lone Star is designed to strengthen border security and thwart human traffickers and drug cartels, Abbott said. It uses air, land and sea tactical border security units.

The troop build-up comes as a caravan of migrants heads north to the United States from southern Mexico.

“Through this important mission, the DPS is partnering with the Texas Department of Military (TMD) to use Operation Steel Curtain tactics, which includes placing physical barriers – such as large steel containers and accordion wire – as well as personnel and equipment along the border to block and repel criminal activity and stop violations of state law, ”Lt.Christopher Olivarez of the Ministry of Justice said on Monday. Texas Public Safety at Border Report.

Warrant Officer General Tracy Norris, who heads the Texas Army National Guard, posted several photos on Twitter showing the wire outside the steel shipping containers lining the riverbanks, which she said are designed “to protect our border communities”.

Abbott recently spoke to the media about what he calls the need to arm the Texan shores of the Rio Grande, as several thousand migrants in multiple waves are said to have headed north to the United States from southern Mexico. .

“We are constantly monitoring the situation along the border in order to make real-time decisions and adjust our operations if necessary. The DPS is working with federal, state and local partners on this mission, and we stand ready to protect the people and property of this state, ”Olivarez told Border Report.

National Guard troops and state soldiers conducted several maneuvers in the Eagle Pass area last week in preparation for a possible confrontation with migrants or large crowds, as has been experienced some 70 miles away north of the city of Del Rio, Texas, in September when 15,000 migrants, mostly Haitians, camped under the international bridge, prompting authorities to shut it down.

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